A Review Of Unleash The Appatucker In U / நீங்களும் ஆகலாம் அப்பாடக்கர் by Dr. Kalanidhi, Former Vice Chancelor, Anna University


Every Individual has inherent potential for doing things and achieving the same. However how he is doing, at what time he is doing and when does he achieve the same is very critical.

There are many textbooks and inspiring leadership guide available today. Here is one written by ‘Vibrant Subbu’ that inspires the youngsters to bring out the innate talents and leadership qualities. Core speciality about this book is that he is able to quote one leader grown in the society for each chapter. This is unique because he is able to showcase Indian examples.

I am sure many youngsters would be attracted to this. This book is stimulating one for the youngsters. This book plays an important role in bringing and developing the Indian Human Resource which is truly vital in the content of global village. I compliment ‘Mr. Vibrant Subbu’ for his bold venture in shaping the human resource apart from his training activities for human resource development.

Dr. A. Kalanidhi,
Former Vice Chancelor, Anna University,
Vice Chairman, CSTAR,
Chennai- 600 025

To Buy this book online:

English: http://600024.com/store/unleash-the-appatucker-in-u-english-vibrant-subbu

Tamil (Printed): http://600024.com/store/neengalum-aagalam-appatucker-munner-pathippagam

Tamil (Ebook): http://cyclegap.in/neengalum-agalam-appatucker.html

For Bulk Purchase Discounts: munnerpub@gmail.com


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